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Convert invoices from Membership Management system to QuickBooks IIF format for import

21 Oct 2020 2:02 PM | Anonymous

Worked with a professional association to integrate, transform, and automate the process to take invoice and payment data from Wild Apricot membership management and creating a valid IIF file for import to QuickBooks Desktop Canada.  This includes invoices for memberships, event registrations, online store purchases, manual invoices, and donations.  Mapping logic was used to assign specific types of invoices to the corresponding accounts and classes inside of QuickBooks.  Sales Taxes are also mapped from Wild Apricot to the proper accounts inside of QuickBooks.

Key tasks included:

  • Creation of Integromat data stores to hold configuration and mapping assignments
  • Integromat scenarios to extract invoice data, transform the data, create a valid upload file (in QuickBooks IIF format), and load the resulting file to the client's online storage system.  (
  • Evaluation of IIF formats for US vs. Canadian versions of QuickBooks Desktop and the corresponding treatments of Sales Tax.
  • Customizing Integromat scenarios to map Memberships and Events using the client's preferred  account structure

When complete, the association's accountant no longer needed to manually enter invoices from Wild Apricot.  The automated process dramatically reduced the number of invoices that needed manual reclassification to the proper accounts.

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